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If you are looking to buy a British shorthair kitten you are on the right way.
We have been breeding British cats since 2001. Our cattery is registered in Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) May 18, 2006, registration number CN UFU 0157. The cattery operates in club "Lukomorye " which is a part of Felinological Union of Ukraine (UFU).
Cattery owner Ovanesian Kateryna is the head of the UFU Breeding Commission, an expert on 1b, 2, 3, 4c breed categories.
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Our work is not only raising kittens, it is painstaking work of selection, breeding, socialization, many kilometers on the way at cat shows and accompanying each of our graduates.

Британский лиловый котенок

Extra quality representatives of the breed, having in their pedigrees highly titled cats from the best catteries in Europe. We carefully select pairs for each mating, paying attention not only to the breed type, but also to the character. Our pets take part in all FIFe shows in Ukraine and neighboring countries, where they receive worthy titles from experts.

In our breeding we strive to obtain large British cats with a powerful body on short legs, a classic round head with small ears and large round orange eyes. Our kittens will become not only bright representatives of the breed, but also real family members. Kittens from the first day of their life are in contact with humans, are surrounded by love and care. Each kitten raised by us is a part of our soul, we help them to be born, raise, play with them and love everyone without exception.

Our cats receive professional nutrition, developed by a nutritionist. These are the best food of the holistic class, fresh meat (beef, turkey, horse meat), quail eggs, vitamin supplements of American and European brands.

The animals of the cattery are monitored in the best clinics of the city. All breeding producers are tested for polycystic disease, cardiomyopathy, leukemia, viral immunodeficiency, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis in laboratories in the USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Ukraine.

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