What kitten needs in new home?

What does British kitten need in a new home?

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Let's consider what british kitten will need to feel comfortable and convenient in a new home.

Let's start with the essentials - cat litter. Cats are by nature very neat animals and kittens, starting from 3 weeks of age, are already accustomed to use the cate litter, delightfully digging in the sand. At the age of 2.5-3 months, they already know exactly where to get to the toilet. And in a new place it will be enough for them to show where the cat litter with the filler is.

cat litter traycat litterbox tray

Now in stores there is a wide variety of special cat litter toilets, of a wide variety of sizesand shapes - in the form of a box with a high side and even in the form of a house with filters to eliminate odor.

scoop for cat litter box

Also, don't forget to get a special toilet cleaning scoop!

water bowl for british catfoodbawl for british kitten

You need also to purchase 3 bowls - one for water, 2 for food. We recommend metal made of special stainless material. Choose dog size one for water. And flat and broad for food

Water must be given purified - best of all is the one that you drink yourself.
For a kitten, you need to find a cozy place where no one will disturb him. The place should not be in the aisle and not in a draft! Many cats are happy to sleep in special houses, some prefer open beds. From experience, I will say that kittens sleep with pleasure in a closed house.

house for british cat
Another necessary element that will help protect your furniture from the sharp claws of a growing baby is a claw-frame. They are produced in a wide variety of types - this is just a column with a toy, and a variety of wall and floor options, as well as entire structures with a bunch of shelves for gymnastics.
cattree for british kitten
It is also necessary to purchase special scisors in order to periodically cut the claws of the kitten (1-2 times a month).
cat scratcher for british kitten
To bring the kitten home safely, you will need a special carrier box. It will also come in handy when there is a need to visit a veterinarian or take a walk out of town to the country house. If you plan to take part in exhibitions with your pet in the future, we recommend that you immediately purchase a carrier with metal doors (these are the ones that are allowed to be used on planes and trains, especially when traveling abroad).
cat carrier for kitten
From a young age, it is necessary to accustom the kitten to grooming. The British are a short-haired breed that requires a minimum of effort in grooming their coat - it is enough to comb your pet once a week. To do this, use a special glove with a rubber base, or a natural bristle brush.
brush for british catglow for british cat
And of course, we must not forget that a kitten is the same child who loves to play. And in adulthood, a cat is interested in chasing a mouse or rolling a ball. There is a large selection of different toys for this.
ball for kittenfish for kitten