British coat colors

Colours of british shorthair

Британские лиловые котята

Let's see what colors British cats have.

1. SOLID COLORS: The main ones are solid and white colors. There are only 12.

Black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, white

REQUIREMENTS FOR SOLID COLORS: - on the whole body, the color should be uniform and of the same tone - covering and downy hair should be dyed along the entire length, from root to tip - top coat and undercoat must be of the same tone - the nose, the edging of the eyes and lips, the pads of the paws should be painted in the same tone as the coat - eye color always corresponds to the color and is indicated in the standard in the standard of cats of this color - the presence of hairs of a different color is unacceptable, especially in the "control" points: armpits, groin, chin, midline of the abdomen, central part of the forehead. Even two or three hairs of a different color in cats are considered a spot. - no spots on the nose, pads, eyelids and lips. The exception is old cats, which may develop age spots in these places. N.B. Many colors are finally formed by 9-18 months, which is taken into account by the standard and exhibition rules.

2. tortie

3. Smoke

4. Shaded silver/golden

5. tabby

6. silver tabby

7. golden tabby

8. solid with white

9. smoke with white

10. tabby with white

11. silver tabby with white

12. golden ticked with white

13. pointed

14. smoke pointed

15. tabby point

16. silver tabby point

17. golden tabby point

18. pointed with white

19. smoke pointed with white

20.tabby point with white

21. silver tabby point with white

22. golden tabby point with white