Valentino Maximiliano

Valentino Maximiliano Fantasy Fiesta

Our choco-marmalade British male with a sweet character.

This is an example of a real British cat as we see it - a companion cat.

He has a harmonious anatomy, a huge head with chubby cheeks, bright deep orange eyes, excellent small ears, a powerful wide body on short legs, and of course a bright extraordinary temperament.

Genetics and Health

  • LH: Shorthair, Does not carry longhair
  • Blood type: AA, does not carry group b
  • Carries cinnamon
  • Ticked
  • PKD (polycystic kidney disease, DNA test): Negative
  • FELV - Feline Leukemia Virus: Negative
  • FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: Negative
  • HCM (cardiomyopathy, cardiac ultrasound): Normal

British chocolate cat Maximiliano

From his parents, he inherited an amazing character: very affectionate, playful and sociable.
He perfectly conveys this character to his kittens.

Kittens from Max are ideal for families with children, or for owners with no experience, who will have a British cat as their first animal.